Why does my eyelid sometimes shake?

Some people feel their eyelid twitching suddenly, for no apparent reason why this happens. Sometimes these are mild, barely perceptible tremors and other times they are more intense. As for the duration, this can vary from a few seconds to several hours or days, until it finally dissipates.

The feeling is very annoying. Those who experience it feel as if their eye is vibrating or “beating”. On some occasions the intensity of the movement is such that objects are seen as if they were in motion. However, in most cases where the eyelid twitches there is nothing to worry about.

It is almost always a muscular reaction that can be considered normal and that as it comes it also goes away. suddenly, without generating any consequences. Only in some exceptional cases does the eyelid tremble due to the presence of more serious ailments or ailments.

When the eyelid trembles

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Most people experience eyelid twitching at some point. It is normally a soft vibration, which disappears on its own in a short period of time.. This condition is called “blepharospasm” and corresponds to an involuntary spasm or contraction of the muscles surrounding the eye.

These types of tremors only require medical attention if one of the following occurs:

  • Eyelid tremor lasts more than a week.
  • The tremor affects not only the eye, but other parts of the face as well.
  • The contraction is so strong that close the eyelid completely.
  • There is swelling, redness, or discharge in the eye where the eyelid twitches.
  • The upper eyelid sags. This is known as “ptosis”.

In other cases, this type of problem is due to causes that mainly have to do with lifestyle. The main reasons why this occurs are listed below..


Most often the eyelid trembles due to stress. This state causes a series of hormonal changes that affect the functioning of the muscles. And it is precisely the smallest muscles, such as those of the eye, that are most affected. So this kind of involuntary movement is a sign that you need to relax.

Lack of sleep

Another reason why trembling appears in the eyelid is lack of sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep, it puts a strain on your eyes and leads to droopy eyelids. Trembling is a reaction to this overexertion, which is why it is recommended that you get at least seven hours of sleep every night to prevent this from happening.

nutrient deficiency

Sometimes the involuntary spasms in the muscles are due to the deficiency of some substances such as vitamin b12magnesium or potassium. Similarly, when the body is dehydrated it also tends to cause such reactions. The solution is to eat more foods rich in vitamin B12, such as fish, meat, eggs and dairy products, and keep yourself sufficiently hydrated.

Poor eyesight

If your eyelid is shaking, you need to see a specialist
If there are problems with trembling in the eyelids, it is worth going to the ophthalmologist.

Sometimes there are visual deficiencies that cause the eye to work harder than usual. When these problems have not been detected and treated, such as through eyeglass formulation, they can lead to eyelid twitching. That’s why it’s important to have regular eye examinations and follow the recommendations provided by the specialist.

Dry eye

Dry eye is a condition where there is not enough moisture in this organ. In this case, the involuntary tremors appear as a mechanism to try to hydrate the eye. This is a very common problem in people over 50, who work too many hours in front of a computer screen, eat antihistamines or wear contact lenses. There are eye moisturizers to keep the eye in the right condition.

substance use

There are some substances that dehydrate the body due to their properties. The most common are coffee and alcohol. Both cause the body to lose fluids and hence, lead to eyelid tremors. It is advisable not to exceed the consumption of these substances and drink water frequently.


Frequently, allergy sufferers have among its symptoms red and itchy eyes, as well as excessive tear production. Scratching your eyes releases a substance called “histamine,” which can travel to your eyelids and cause shaking.. Medical supervision of allergies is essential to prevent this from happening.

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