Working and being a mother: the art of doing two things at the same time

It’s a general cry: The mom who works outside the home feels guilty about leaving her baby or children in the care of others. work and become a mother It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either.

Achieving that balance between working woman and mother is quite a challenge.. And it is that motherhood doubles the work we already had. While some are able to put their working lives on hold to focus on their children, not everyone can or wants to. Finding the balance is necessary.

Working and being a mother: it is possible

Working and being a mother means making sure that the time you spend with your children is quality. Even if you can’t be with them all day, when you’re by their side you need to provide the emotional support and loving attention they need.

Divide responsibilities

You can always find grandparents and uncles willing to help take care of their children. You can too Get organized with your partner and see how you share their care as you work.

Today’s woman finds it very difficult to delegate because because she has prepared herself so much to take on more tasks, she believes she can easily add childcare. As if her raising were an extra task. to a mother single woman it could cost you even more, because you may have no one to share the responsibility with.

Delegation is essential, both at work and at home. In this way you will be able to feel safe and secure to entrust your child in the hands of the father, another family member or those involved in nursery schools or educational centers.

Identify priorities when working and being a mother

It is not the same to work and be a mother of a child as when the child is already five years old or is already a teenager. See if you can change their job type or hours as they are younger and require more attention. As they grow older and more independent, you may have different responsibilities.

If you can delay going back to work after giving birth, your baby will be happy to have you around. While I can’t put it into words, there are multiple benefits that the child receives from being close to his mother. Taking that break and then getting back to work feels great.

you must be available

Your children need to know that they are counting on you. It’s not just taking them to school or to the doctor, buying them clothes, tablets or toys. You also need to be available when they need to feel your love.

If an accident or unforeseen event occurs at school, try to get to where your child is as soon as possible. When they need support with a topic or task, you need to be able to help them. In case your child has a problem, he needs you to be available to listen and look him in the eye.

Organize your schedule

Get organized with the schedule

To generate that connection that allows you to enjoy the mother-child relationship, you have to organize your work. This takes time and can be stressful if you’re not used to it, but you’ll appreciate the result when your kids smile happily at your presence.

The extended work hours you may encounter before becoming a mother are incompatible with parenthood that nurtures bonding with children. Just like you need work to cover the material needs of your family, your children also need you not to be an absentee mother.

When you are with your children, do everything possible so that your cell phone does not distract you from your attention, which is meeting them. If you can turn it off, so much the better.

free yourself from feelings of guilt

There will be many times when you feel guilty about not complying with what you have offered or planned. Working and being a mother is demanding and perfection is not possible. The important thing is that you always recognize why you make the effort you make. Breaking yourself down with guilt is useless.

All the reasons for a working mother are valid, You don’t have to feel guilty or allow yourself to make yourself feel guilty. Only you know what you should do and how you should do it for your well-being and that of your children.

Talk to your boss or change jobs

Reconciling work and motherhood

Working mother has rights and you should know about them; she has also earned respect in many workplaces. Turn your boss into a great allyI may be able to offer you something that fits your needs.

You can also consider changing jobs, to a more flexible schedule or one that you can develop from your home. The options that the Internet offers today forteleworkare on the rise – you can find work that fits your schedule and skills.

Working and being a mother: a new family model

Today there is a new family model. Both parents work and take care of the home and children equally. There are also many single mothers who have to work because their father is absent.

Working mothers spend many hours away from home and so do the children. They may be entrusted to different people or have schedules full of extracurricular activities. Making up for the time you don’t spend together is a daily responsibility.

Finding the space to exchange, connect, and enjoy the love you have for one another is essential to your children’s physical, mental, and emotional development. Working and being a mother puts our abilities to the test, but gives many satisfactions. It’s about giving everyone their own time and space.

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