World Health Day: Building a fairer and healthier world

World Health Day takes place every April 7 to remind us of that the fight for an equitable distribution of health services is far from over. Thus, between pandemics and disasters, it has become evident that not everyone has the same opportunities to overcome adversity. This leaves a scenario where changes are imperative.

The commemoration of this day has allowed progress in various areas since 1950, when it began to be celebrated on the initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO). However, already in 1948 the day was established as a starting point for addressing the major problems that endanger people’s lives.

Because the topic of health is so vast with numerous affectations, each season indicates a specific plan of action. That said, it’s time to learn about the goals of the celebration and how you can contribute. Keep reading!

World Health Day goals

On World Health Day, specific goals are set, represented in the form of slogans. There are also general invariant goals. The latter are essential to understanding the ultimate purpose of the plans that are being carried out. Among the fundamental pillars are the following:

  • Raise public awareness of health inequalities. The intention is to broaden the information on the major shortcomings of some sectors, so as to add the willingness to help.
  • Raise awareness. increase the level of empathy towards the people affected.
  • Fundraiser. The collection of donations for investments in the treatment of diseases that affect a large number of individuals and others that have been forgotten.
  • Promote healthy habits. Many of the diseases can be prevented with harmful lifestyle changes; modification that seeks to encourage during the celebration.
  • Lobby world leaders. Activities are proposed to promote the action of the highest leaders in order to guarantee reliable official data, provide support to the most vulnerable and extend brotherhood ties beyond their borders.
World Health Day goals
World Health Day is an opportunity to raise awareness among the population on health issues and promote the practice of good habits.

Our planet, our health

For World Health Day 2022 the theme chosen is “Our planet, our health”. The global crisis caused by the pandemic, the rise of diseases such as cancer, asthma and heart disease, and the pollution of the planet combine to promote urgent human action to preserve the health of people and the planet.

The highest health corps estimates it more than 13 million people die each year from preventable environmental causes. The greatest health threat facing the species today is the climate crisis, which is itself considered a type of health crisis.

Please note that up to 90% of the population breathe unhealthy air product of the combustion of fossil fuels. Migration, water shortages, plastic waste pollution, and the rise of processed foods and beverages have a negative impact on both people and planet Earth.

It is for this reason that the World Health Organization (WHO) accompanies this World Health Day 2022 through the following reflections:

Can we reimagine a world where clean air, water and food are available to all? Where are economies focused on health and well-being? Where cities are livable and people have control over their own health and the health of the planet?

Previous themes

World Health Day usually calls for topics of great public concern to reduce deficiencies. Considering that the celebration began in 1950, the total number of topics that have been covered is large. For this reason, we will focus on less remote topics, including the following:

  • 2010: “A Thousand Cities, A Thousand Lives”.
  • 2011: «Antimicrobial resistance: if we don’t act today, there will be no cure tomorrow».
  • 2012: «Good health adds life to years».
  • 2013: “Check your blood pressure”.
  • 2014: “Small stings, big threats.”
  • 2015: «Food safety».
  • 2016: “Beating Diabetes: Stepping Up Prevention, Improving Care, and Strengthening Surveillance.”

“Let’s talk about depression”

In 2017, the World Health Day celebration focused on depression and the importance of communicating what you are experiencing. Suicide has been exposed as a leading cause of death in people aged 15-29. The above, in many cases, derives from depressive pictures.

“Health for all”

The task of 2018 was to promote universal health coverage in the most backward countries. In turn, fortify and consolidate health systems that have taken important steps towards open care to their inhabitants.

«Universal health, for everyone, everywhere»

During the 2019 campaign, the importance of specialist medical assistance that reaches all sectors was reaffirmed, regardless of the economic difficulties of individuals. The WHO demand was that people never again have to choose between food and health.

“We support nurses and midwives”

Arrived at the year 2020, a path has been taken to elevate the work done by nursing and midwifery professionals. Additionally, the focus was on increasing economic support and supplies to this sector to amplify the highest quality healthcare response.

«Building a fairer and healthier world»

The pandemic has shown that some people have better access to health services than others. Inequality has not only decreased in recent decades, but in some regions it has increased. This phenomenon is avoidabletherefore building a fairer world for all was the subject of the 2021 campaign.

1677414301 512 World Health Day Building a fairer and healthier world
World Health Day focused efforts on different sectors to strengthen them.

How can I contribute to World Health Day?

There are many ways to contribute to this special day, as remote activities are available to everyone. Some interesting initiatives are the following:

  • Disseminate WHO official information on World Health Day and preventive measures of some diseases in the networks.
  • Use one of these hashtags on social networks with a message that helps improve people’s habits: #World Health Day#Health Day#healthy mind#healthy body#Healthy food#Health party#HealthDayIdeas, #healthy life AND #Healthier tomorrow.
  • Participate in aid campaigns in clinical centers in your community.
  • Make donations to low-income sectors to heal serious condition.
  • Attend conferences, lectures or symposiums virtually.

Final thoughts on World Health Day

Profoundly changing the care that health systems cover in all countries is the ultimate goal of World Health Day. However, Small individual actions are what gradually tip the scales. In this sense, if it is within your means to support treatment, taking action is the first phase of change.

Finally, recognizing, advocating for, and supporting health needs in your community can help accelerate action by leaders. It’s always a good time to think about health!

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